Siemens AG is one of the largest technology companies in the world. A new catalog management system was specified, which can manage more than 400 supplier catalogs worldwide, for the procurement of consumable materials for their business units in 190 countries.

The central solution is a platform accessible worldwide, which seamlessly combines all catalogs from every location and supplier, regardless of whether they are in German, Czech or Chinese. POET is responsible for the design, modification and integration of this new system into the SAP SRM landscape using the OCI 5 interface.

„During successive international rollouts, we were able to ensure that the catalogs were seamlessly and quickly integrated into the system through direct contact between our multi-lingual service employees and suppliers. We are able to implement updates quickly. With WebCrawler we can also list supplier catalogs that do not comply with standards using SAP SRM: a valuable service in particular for collaborating with Eastern European countries. Furthermore, integration of the contents of several million items is currently being prepared for various markets.”

Uwe Reisenhofer, Project Leader for POET GmbH

„With its structured approach, POET is able to highlight special characteristics, formulate requirements cleanly and obtain decisions or contributions by the respective participants in the project. This ensures efficient project execution and rapid deployment in live systems.”

Zsolt Pocsai, Project Leader eCatalog Services for Siemens AG

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