POET optimizes your product data quickly and automatically for e-commerce. We also provide support for the entire content management process from start to finish as part of an e-procurement solution.

Data Services in e-commerce

Product data is a success factor for e-commerce systems. We help you to specify your quality criteria and give you an overview of the variety of product information available from suppliers. Using semi- and fully automated technologies, we get your data into the right format. Automated tools classify products clearly and standardize unit quantities and values according to your data guidelines and code sets. This means we can increase cost efficiency and implement a profitable e-commerce strategy.

Content services in e-procurement

Our services support you throughout the content management process and show you how you can improve the quality of your data lastingly. We adapt these services to your organization's specific requirements, tasks and processes. We will be happy to take on your operational activities. This will relieve your buyers, create increased transparency in contractual negotiations with suppliers and give you support when preparing needs-based catalogs for different product groups.


Product data at premium quality? We will be happy to provide you with support in every area of the data enrichment process. 


We can relieve your purchasing department from tasks dealing with suppliers to the provision of catalogs.

Gregor Göbel
Sales Manager
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