End Customer's E-Commerce Experience

Take a look at our business to customer (B2C) scenario to discover what a fully integrated buyer experience could look like for your customers. As a provider, we show you how you can connect all relevant processes along the value added chain.

Take a look at the end customer's journey from beginning to end.

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Orders in the Shop and Simultaneous Creation of an Order in the ERP (1/4)

SAP hybris Commerce and the SAP inventory management system can be integrated without programming using the Data Hub. Customers can now place orders quickly and simply in the mobile optimized online store by scanning the appropriate QR code. The customer order is simultaneously converted into an inventory management system order.

Create Customer Profiles & Target Groups Quickly & Flexibly (2/4)

Create customer profiles and define target groups simply and flexibly in SAP hybris Marketing. These will form the basis for targeted campaigns. You can then also track customer behavior in the social media portals.

Target Group-Specific Campaigns with Specials (3/4)

Send personalized email campaigns with personalized product marketing and specials. The associated landing page can be easily generated using hybris Web Content Management system templates and modules.

Campaigns with Personalized Product Marketing (4/4)

Targeted email campaigns take customers straight to a customized landing page where they will see products that are relevant to them.

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